Bland Richter Secures Bond in Lindler Father and Son Murder Case

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In a development in the legal defense of the Lindler father and son, Bland Richter successfully advocated for a reasonable bond given the unique circumstances of the Lindler case. In his argument to the court, attorney Eric Bland appealed to the court that bond in this situation should deviate from the norm given Lindler’s exceptional past history and deep ties to the community.  

In response to this outcome, attorney Eric Bland expressed his satisfaction with the judge’s decision, stating, “To be clear, no one is high-fiving here.  Lives have been shattered.  Still, we are gratified that the court was able to appreciate even at this early stage, the unusual circumstances of this case, and to set a bond with conditions that will allow the Lindler’s to participate in the defense of their case while hopefully giving the Newhouse family some sense of security.  

Bond was set at $150,000 dollars for each of the Linder’s with a 10% cash requirement and significant conditions restricting the movements of the Lindler’s pending trail.  

Bland Richter was retained this week to represent Ryan Jordan Lindler, Sr., and to assist in the defense of his son, Ryan Jordan Lindler, Jr. in connection with murder and related charges pending in the Lexington Court General Sessions Court. Ryan Jordan Lindler, Jr. will be represented by attorney Gill Bell of the law firm of Moore Bradley and Myers. The charges concern the shooting death of Kevin Newhouse which occurred on Wednesday December 6, 2023, in Lexington County, South Carolina. The Lindlers are charged with causing Mr. Newhouse’s death.