Bland Richter Law Firm Commends Judicial Decision in Retrial Ruling

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Bland Richter Law Firm announces a significant milestone in its representation of multiple jurors in the ongoing Alex Murdaugh saga.

In the aftermath of a critical hearing, Bland Richter Law Firm, founded by Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, expresses satisfaction with the justice system’s decision. The recent proceedings, closely monitored by the public and media, have been a pivotal moment in the legal saga.

Representing multiple victims in the case, Bland Richter founders Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter assert,

“This is what justice looks like. It’s not always pretty and it’s not always easy. But we believe Justice Toal made the right decision. We cannot have jurors voting in perpetuity. They only get to vote once, and 11 of these jurors were absolutely clear that nothing that was said or wasn’t said or anything that was done or not done had any impact on their verdict.

Their verdict was the product of following the law, the evidence, and listening to the testimony as Judge Newman directed. These jurors used their intelligence and their God-given common sense in listening to over 70 witnesses and reviewing over 400 pieces of evidence. It is offensive to say that one or two statements that may have been made by Becky Hill influenced their verdict. We are very proud of Justice Toal, and very proud of how the state of South Carolina has handled the entire matter.

Alex Murdaugh has been given a fair trial and had a fair opportunity to request a new trial; it is now going to be up to the appellate courts to make the final decision.”