Bland Richter Law Firm Responds to Jasper County Treasurer Michael Skinner’s Lawsuit Developments 

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June 21, 2024, Jasper County, South Carolina — In light of Jasper County Treasurer Michael Skinner’s recent Petition for a Writ of Mandamus filed with the South Carolina Supreme Court, the Jasper County Council has taken decisive action to address the ongoing legal conflict. Treasurer Skinner’s petition seeks an order mandating that he be granted access to the County’s bank accounts, a move that has prompted significant response from the County Council.

The Jasper County Council has resolved to retain legal counsel both to contest Treasurer Skinner’s filing and to initiate an investigation into his use of County funds to engage legal representation for this matter. In a bid to minimize the financial burden on the residents of Jasper County, Bland Richter Law Firm has agreed to adjust the terms of its engagement to mirror those of the attorneys engaged by the County.

Skinner’s attorney Ronnie Richter states, “We understand the importance of responsible fiscal management and transparency, and we will do our level best to ensure that the residents of Jasper County are not unduly burdened by legal costs., Our firm is committed to providing the necessary legal support to the Jasper County Treasurer while ensuring that the terms of our engagement are fair and equitable.”

Treasurer Skinner has been and remains willing to withdraw his petition if he is granted access to the County’s bank accounts. This ongoing legal dispute underscores the critical need for clear and transparent financial oversight within the County’s operations.