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Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter started trying cases together in 1997, when they subsequently established Bland Richter, LLP. Today, Bland Richter offers over 75 years of combined legal experience, focusing in complex and high-risk litigation cases that other firms either can’t, or won’t handle.

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Our Philosophy

We fight hard for our clients in a fair way.

We believe in fighting and winning litigation battles only by using honesty, integrity, and providing the utmost candor to the Court. Our hard-charging style can occasionally offend the opposition, yet this is merely the natural by-product of our warrior mentality when going to war for our clients.

Dedicated to You

We provide our clients with the world-class resources they expect from a big firm with the attention they want from a small firm because you deserve both.

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Meet Our Team

With tireless tenacity and transparency, our mission is to provide clients with principled, effective and proven representation that achieves desired outcomes.

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Eric S. Bland


Ronnie Richter | Founder Bland Richter, LLP

Ronald L. Richter, Jr.


Scott concluded his representation of Collins and joined Bland Richter, LLP. Scott is a member of the South Carolina Bar

Scott Mongillo