Landmark Legal Battle Unfolds as Bland Richter Takes on Defense of Lindler Father and Son in High-Stakes Murder Case

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Bland Richter has been retained this week to represent Ryan Jordan Lindler, Sr., and to assist in the defense of his son, Ryan Jordan Lindler, Jr. in connection with murder and related charges pending in the Lexington Court General Sessions Court. Ryan Jordan Lindler, Jr. will be represented by attorney Gill Bell of the law firm of Moore Bradley and Myers. The charges concern the shooting death of Kevin Newhouse which occurred on Wednesday December 6, 2023, in Lexington County, South Carolina. The Lindlers are charged with causing Mr. Newhouse’s death.

The circumstances surrounding this case are tragic and sad not only for the victim and his family, but also for Mr. Lindler, his son and the entire Lindler family. The Lindlers are long-time law-abiding citizens of Lexington County. They operate Lindler Farms in rural Lexington County where they raise cattle and harvest hay. These cases will test the right of a property owner to protect their property from trespassers and vandals, including those who may bring deadly weapons onto the property of another. A great deal transpired between the time that Kevin Newhouse entered onto the Lindler property and the time that a subsequent confrontation between Newhouse and the Lindlers led tragically to his death. Lives and families have been forever shattered by the events of December 6th.

The Lindlers maintain the presumption of innocence to which they are entitled under the law. They are entitled to a proper legal defense, and we intend to provide a vigorous defense for our client and his son and look forward to defending these charges in Court. It is the burden of the state to prove that the shooting was not justified.

Eric “EB” Bland and Ronnie Richter