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Neither Bland Richter, LLP, nor its attorneys can predict, warrant or guarantee that any of its clients will achieve the results for their case as shown in the summary of results set forth on this website. No lawyer or law firm can predict, warrant or guarantee particular results for a client, and no prospective client should attempt to obtain such.

Many factors, such as the facts of each legal matter, the availability and credibility of witnesses and the availability and persuasiveness of the evidence, the nature of the parties, the current law as applied to the facts, the venue of the case and the composition of the jury, among other factors, will affect the outcome of any case.

All results are subjective.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to compare a prospective legal matter with those we have handled in the past. Not all verdicts or judgments are collected either in full or in part. Some settle for a lesser amount. Some are reduced or reversed in totality by the trial judge or by an appellate court. Some are simply never paid. Our experience tells us that because of post trial or post verdict motions made by the losing party, potential appeals and their length of time in waiting to be heard, potential retrials and financial considerations of the client, judgments and verdicts quite often settle for lesser amount than what was assessed and oftentimes do so on a confidential basis so that the final settlement terms cannot be disclosed.

We have not and do not achieve the results shown in the summary of results set forth on this website in all of our cases and for all of our clients due to many factors, such as those set forth on the following page. The results do represent, however, some examples of our past experiences and are informative of the areas of law in which we practice.

If you understand that the results we have obtained for some of our clients, as shown on the following webpage, do not provide any basis for evaluating the worth of your case or the results we would be able to obtain for you, but you nonetheless believe that information regarding those results may be useful to you in choosing your counsel, please click the button below indicating that you have read, agree to and accept the above terms and wish to continue on to the webpage containing those results.

Verdicts & Results

Disability Insurance Bad Faith High Six Figure Settlement

Bland Richter was successful in resolving a bad faith insurance dispute after an insurer failed to find its professional insured totally disabled in his occupation and sought to deny total disability benefits.  The settlement resulted in a high six-figure payout under...
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Legal Malpractice $5,508,000.00 Jury Verdict

After two years of contested litigation, Bland Richter obtained a jury verdict totaling $5,508,000 from a Richland County jury on all but one of the causes of action which were submitted to the jury for their consideration against the law firm of Nexsen Pruet Jacobs &...
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Legal Malpractice $900,000 Settlement

After a year and a half of contested litigation, Bland Richter settled a legal malpractice claim on behalf of its clients for $900,000. The defendant attorney had a $1,000,000 eroding errors and omissions policy. The case concerned the attorney’s representation of...
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Commercial Litigation Multimillion Dollar Settlement

Bland Richter represented a client in a commercial dispute who was alleged to have owed in excess of $38,000,000.00. A confidential settlement was achieved through which the client agreed to pay less than 10% of the alleged damages and to do so over an extended period...
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