Lawsuit Filed by Bland Richter Exposes House Representative Marvin Pendarvis in Landmark Legal Malpractice Case

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[Charleston, SC] – April 11, 2024 – Bland Richter Law Firm is taking on a significant legal malpractice case against House Representative and prominent attorney Marvin R. Pendarvis, Esquire, and his law firm, Pendarvis Law, LLC. The lawsuit, filed in Charleston, represents Adrian Lewis, a resident of Dorchester County, South Carolina, who alleges legal malpractice  by Pendarvis and his firm.  Bland Richter will be hosting a virtual press conference today at 1:00 PM EST.  

The case, which has captured attention due to its implications for legal ethics and accountability, centers around the alleged mishandling of Adrian Lewis’s civil action against the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department. Adrian Lewis entrusted Pendarvis and his firm to represent him in a matter involving his alleged wrongful arrest by the sheriff’s office. However, as detailed in the complaint filed by Bland Richter Law Firm, Pendarvis purportedly failed to provide competent representation, settled the case without Adrian’s authorization, and even forged Adrian’s signature on a settlement agreement.

“Adrian Lewis’s case is emblematic of the trust individuals place in their legal representatives and the devastating consequences when that trust is betrayed,” stated Ronnie Richter, who represents Lewis and co-founded Bland Richter Law Firm. “We are committed to holding accountable those who violate the fundamental principles of legal ethics and professional responsibility.”

Bland Richter Law Firm, known for their experience in complex litigation and commitment to justice, will vigorously pursue Adrian Lewis’s claims against Pendarvis and his firm. The lawsuit seeks damages for Adrian’s financial losses, emotional distress, and punitive damages to deter similar misconduct in the future.

“This case underscores the importance of upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability within the legal profession,” added Eric Bland, attorney and co-founder at Bland Richter Law Firm. “Our firm remains dedicated to ensuring that justice prevails, no matter who is involved.”

About Marvin R. Pendarvis

Marvin R. Pendarvis, Esquire, is a Democratic member of the House of Representatives, prominent attorney, and rising star in the Charleston community. Elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 2017, Pendarvis represents District 113 and serves on various committees, including Legislative Oversight and Medical, Military, Public, and Municipal Affairs.  Learn more about his work at

About Bland Richter Law Firm 

Recognized by Dateline, The Today Show, Netflix, CNN, Court TV, and Good Morning America, the firm was founded by Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter.  Their team focuses on handling complex and high-risk litigation cases, including those involving legal malpractice. Renowned for their commitment to justice, Bland and Richter received national attention for their pivotal role in shedding light on the embezzlement of millions of dollars by Alex Murdaugh. Learn more about their experience at

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