Murdaugh Sentenced to 40 Years for Financial Crimes

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“Today marks a significant victory for justice. Two and a half years ago, we implored the court to ensure that Alex Murdaugh faced the full weight of justice. We are pleased to announce that he received just that. Federal Judge Richard Gergle delivered a resounding message by imposing a sentence that exceeds even the prosecution’s request—an additional third more prison time than anticipated. Murdaugh has been sentenced to 40 years, with 17 years to be served above his existing state prison term.

Regardless of any potential reversal of the murder conviction, Murdaugh’s fate is sealed: a lifetime behind bars, deprived of the freedom he once exploited. In the annals of criminal history, he has earned a notorious place among the most egregious offenders. A convicted double murderer, thief, perpetrator of bank fraud, and income tax evader, Murdaugh’s legacy is one of infamy. Today’s outcome reaffirms our commitment to upholding justice and ensuring accountability for those who commit heinous acts.”

Eric “EB” Bland and Ronnie Richter