Legal Malpractice $900,000 Settlement

After a year and a half of contested litigation, Bland Richter settled a legal malpractice claim on behalf of its clients for $900,000. The defendant attorney had a $1,000,000 eroding errors and omissions policy. The case concerned the attorney’s representation of Bland Richter’s clients in the sale of family land consisting of 120+ acres of waterfront property in Beaufort, South Carolina. There were competing contracts to purchase the land for more than $12,000,000. ( 2008 )

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Legal Malpractice by the Board | Eric S Bland | Bland Richter, LLP

Eric S. Bland


Ronnie Richter | Founder Bland Richter, LLP

Ronald L. Richter, Jr.


Scott concluded his representation of Collins and joined Bland Richter, LLP. Scott is a member of the South Carolina Bar

Scott Mongillo