Settlement Reached on Behalf of the Estate of Gloria Satterfield Estate

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The Attorneys at Bland Richter, LLP , including Eric S. Bland and Ronnie Richter, are pleased to announce on behalf of the Estate of Gloria Satterfield (“Estate”) that on Friday, October 1, 2021, a settlement was reached.

Bland Richter, LLP represents Michael Satterfield and Brian Harriott, the sole heirs and sons of the late Gloria Satterfield. Gloria was Alex Murdaugh’s long-time housekeeper and Nanny. She passed away on 2/16/18 in a trip and fall accident at the Murdaugh family residence. 


A settlement was reached with attorney Cory Fleming and his Law Firm, Moss, Kuhn, and Fleming, as well as their insurance provider. The firm as well as Mr. Fleming agree that the Estate will be paid back all legal fees and expenses received from the $4,300,000 recovered for the Estate. These fees are in connection with the claims asserted against Alex Murdaugh for the death of Gloria Satterfield.

In addition, the firm’s malpractice insurance carrier agreed to pay to the Estate their full policy limits of insurance. 

Mr. Fleming stepped forward and did the right thing by the Estate and Gloria Satterfield’s heirs. The firm of Moss, Kuhn and Fleming maintains that they were victims of Alex Murdaugh’s fraudulent scheme.

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