SC Mom Went to a Columbia Hospital to Give Birth to a Son She Came Home Nearly Brain Dead


South Carolina, native Jodie Roberts went to give birth at Columbia’s Prisma Health Richland Hospital in 2018. After a horrific delivery in which a lawsuit alleges she wasn’t treated on time for preeclampsia, she’s been nearly brain dead ever since.

Roberts was aware her pregnancy would come with risks. She was 34 at the time and overweight. She had diabetes and high blood pressure, according to a legal filing made last month by the family’s attorneys, Eric Bland of Columbia and Ronnie Richter of Charleston. 

Her doctors were aware of those concerns, too, which is why she was admitted to Prisma Health’s high risk obstetrics department in Columbia, Bland said.

In Roberts’ case, according to Bland and his expert witness, Houston-area OB/GYN Amber Samuel, Prisma Health waited far too long to administer magnesium or perform the C-section Roberts was requesting.”

“Roberts is covered by Medicaid, but the program doesn’t take care of all the family’s expenses, they say. Roberts’ long-term care could cost millions of dollars, attorney Bland said. “You can’t even start to calculate it,” he said.

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