Press Release Additional Indictments for Alex Murdaugh

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The Satterfield family is grateful to law enforcement for their continued efforts in the investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Gloria Satterfield and the egregious breaches of trust and theft committed upon her sons. The additional indictments brought today in connection with the crimes committed against Gloria and her sons as well as apparently others are welcome, long overdue and were appropriately brought. While justice can appear at times to move slowly, when the dam breaks, justice flows like a mighty river – and in this case a mighty river is needed to cleanse all that has occurred.

Of course, Mr. Murdaugh is entitled to his presumption of innocence and to his rights under the criminal process. For now, however, it seems the State Wide Grand Jury was as unimpressed with his opioid defense and other explanations given as we have been. As always, we are steadfastly in the Satterfield corner and committed to seeing these matters to the end. Ultimately, we will entrust a Judge or jury to let us know when the Satterfields have received their full cup of justice – not Alex Murdaugh or his attorneys. 


Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter