Midlands Doctor Charged with Manslaughter Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit


COLUMBIA, S.C. (W.A.C.H.) — A Lexington doctor charged in the October shooting death of a salesman is facing a wrongful death lawsuit. William Player Holland’s mother, Sharon Holland, filed suit a week ago. The suit cites negligence, recklessness, and willful conduct in the October shooting death. But Lazzarini’s attorneys are denying all those allegations and want to put the lawsuit on hold.

The lawsuit says Dr. Adam Lazzarini invited Holland into a bedroom to look at a handgun in a safe, but ended up shooting him in the chest. Police say Lazzarini was under the influence of alcohol at the time. The suit states Holland experienced “fear and apprehension prior to being shot, and conscious pain afterward”.

The former doctor is now charged with involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice. He’s accused of lying to investigators. Cayce police ruled the shooting accidental at first, but later said additional evidence suggested otherwise. Lazzarini’s attorney Eric Bland says police got it right the first time.

“Dr. Lazzarni grieves for the Holland family for the loss of their son. He was a very good friend and Dr. Lazzarini has to live with the fact that the man did die but by the same token it doesn’t mean he has responsibility for his death,” says Bland. “You can’t be sued if there’s an accidental death. Unfortunately Mr. Holland did not have the skill-set to handle the gun which ultimately caused his death.”

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