Mcnair Responds to Bland Richter Malpractice Suit in Lawyers Weekly


The McNair Law Firm has responded to a legal malpractice lawsuit alleging that a real estate attorney at the firm tricked five elderly sisters into losing beachfront land that had been in their family since the 1920s.

Robert Stepp of Sowell Gray in Columbia says “There’s more than one side to this story. The plaintiffs, like a lot of people, got caught in a bad real estate environment.”

An attorney for the sisters, Ronnie Richter of Bland Richter in Columbia, said that lawyers who are accused of legal malpractice often try to blame the client. But he believes McNair is “going to have a difficult time showing that these sisters were sophisticated in these matters or that they were anything short of 100 percent trusting of Mr. Deeb in his representation.”

To read the entire South Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly article and to see Bland Richter’s comments click here. To download a PDF of the article click here: McNair responds to malpractice suit | South Carolina Lawyers Weekly