Huffington Post New Lawsuit Paints Troubling Picture of Police Conduct After Killing Teen


Published by Matt Ferner at the Huffington Post on 9/29/15 at 9:36pm. Ferner writes:

A federal lawsuit filed Monday claims the last words that 19-year-old Zachary Hammond heard were from a Seneca, South Carolina, police officer shouting, “I’ll blow your fucking head off.” Seconds later, the officer unloaded two bullets into the unarmed teen, killing him as he sat in his car in the parking lot of a Hardee’s on July 26.

Hammond’s parents are now alleging in U.S. District Court that Lt. Mark Tiller unjustifiably killed their son during an undercover police drug sting gone wrong.

The Seneca Police Department, Tiller and police chief John Covington are all named as defendants. The suit, filed in the Anderson division district court for the District of South Carolina, seeks unspecified damages.

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