Federal Court Civil Litigation Dismissal

Commercial Litigation, Verdicts and Settlements

Bland Richter is pleased to announce that they obtained a dismissal of their client, Dr. Chad Gunnlaugsson, in the matter of United States of America, et al. vs. Robert Puchalski, et al. (CA. No.: 3:11-cv-3360). Dr. Gunnlaugsson’s former practice partner, Dr. Robert Pulchaski, sought to join Dr. Gunnlaugsson as a third party defendant to the action after Dr. Puchalski was sued by a former physician and employee and accused of falsely billing Medicare, Tri-Care and Medicaid through his practice, South Carolina Ear Nose and Throat and Sleep Disorders, LLC (“SCENT”). Following the service of a third party complaint on Dr. Gunnlaugsson, Bland Richter immediately filed a dismissal motion on Dr. Gunnlaugsson’s behalf. On October 30, 2012, the Honorable Cameron Currie dismissed Dr. Gunnlaugsson from the suit and held it was not proper for the Defendants to have attempted to bring Dr. Gunnlaugsson and another physician in this action. ( 2012 )