Coach Wojcik and College of Charleston Reach Settlement Bland Richter Comments


Coach Wojcik and the College of Charleston reached a settlement Tuesday, September 9, 2014 after the former College of Charleston Head Basketball Coach had been accused of verbally abusing his players and athletic department staff members in two independent investigations.

“After a full review of the facts relating to the allegation of physical abuse made by a player,” said Ronald L. Richter Jr. of Bland Richter, “the College made no finding of physical abuse, but concluded physical contact occurred that was offensive to the player. This will be the last public statement the College or Doug Wojcik makes on this matter.”

The settlement ends two months of national headlines and turmoil within the basketball program that started with a month-long investigation back in May.

“The matter has been resolved and it’s good for everyone involved that we’ve come to a resolution,” said Eric Bland, Wojcik’s attorney. “I think everyone needs to move on and begin a new chapter.”

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