Bland Richter’s Response To Alex Murdaugh’s May 16th Motion

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Pursuant to Rule 3.6 of the South Carolina Rules of Professional Responsibility, Bland Richter, LLP issues the following press release concerning Defendant Richard Alexander “Alex” Murdaugh’s May 16, 2023 Rule 60(b) motion filed in Case No. 2021-CP-25-00298 to correct the misstatements and inaccuracies contained therein. See attached motion.

Alex Murdaugh’s May 16th motion is yet another frivolous court filing that Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin have filed in the multitude of civil and criminal actions on behalf of their client who is a liar, a thief, and a twice-convicted murderer. First, shockingly, they reveal confidential settlement discussions in violation of the South Carolina Court Rules in their filing. This violation needs to be investigated immediately. They also seem to attribute thoughts and motives of others like somehow they have telepathy. In addition, they are simply factually wrong about the timing of the settlements that the Satterfields obtained from other parties. 

This motion is nothing more than the endless and non-stop prattle of sore losing lawyers. We welcome addressing these arguments in court. They have lost almost all of the meaningful motions they have filed on behalf of their miscreant client Alex Murdaugh over the past two years. We are confident this most recent motion will be another loser. For example, their current motion does not come within the requirements of Rule 60(b) to obtain the relief they thought and they do not have standing to make these arguments on behalf of the other settling parties. This is a classic case of buyer’s remorse. 

Alex Murdaugh gave the judgment for reasons that only his counsel and him knew at the time in May 2022. Now they seem to be singing a different tune. The very attorneys filing this frivolous motion advised Murdaugh to sign the confession of judgment they now seek to vacate. This is personal. Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin are improperly utilizing the judicial process for ulterior motives that are meant to harass and victimize the Satterfields again and constitutes vexatious conduct. I don’t mind these attorneys taking shots at us. Comes with the territory. They are upset that they do not get $160,000 for Murdaugh’s appeal as a result of arguments that Bland Richter recently made. They are nothing but paper bullies. We will continue to fight them in every courtroom in the land to obtain justice for our Clients and stop their gaming of the system. 

Thank you. 

Eric S. Bland and Ronald L. Richter, Attorneys for Tony Satterfield, Brian Harriott and the Estate of Gloria Satterfield