Bland Richter Has Filed a Limited Appearance and Response in the Nautilus Insurance Company’s

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LEXINGTON, SC – Bland Richter law firm has released an official statement. Please see below.

“Bland Richter has filed a Limited Appearance and a Response by their clients Tony

Satterfield and Brian Harriott to Alex Murdaugh’s and his lawyers’ continued attempt to victimize them and divert the attention away from Murdaugh’s habitual criminality and theft in a pending Federal Court action. Enough is Enough.

Last week, Murdaugh and his attorneys Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin filed a Motion to have the court join and add the sons of Decedent Gloria Satterfield as parties in the Federal Action commenced by Nautilus Insurance Company against Murdaugh or have the action dismissed if they are not added.

The sons are not necessary parties to the action as argued and a disposition of the matter is not necessary for them to be parties because they are not “CLAIMING” any interest in the outcome of the matter. The sons have no desire and should not be parties to this action. Alex Murdaugh needs to answer alone for the money he stole from Nautilus Insurance Company that was to be paid to Gloria’s sons. Complete adjudication of this matter can be done without any other parties being added to this action.

It continues to be unfair and a cost burden that Murdaugh imposes on these two fine sons in his attempts to escape culpability and reimbursement for his theft. Time for Mr.

Murdaugh to pay the piper. We look forward to arguing this matter when the motion’s hearing is scheduled.”

Eric S. Bland and Ronnie Richter, attorneys for Tony Satterfield and Brian Harriott