Bland Richter Files Verified Claims on Behalf of Murdaugh Victims

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Charleston, SC – Bland Richter Law Firm announced today that it has filed verified claims on behalf of four victims of Alex Murdaugh, the disgraced South Carolina attorney accused of financial crimes and murder. The claims were filed in the Hampton County Court of Common Pleas, where a receivership has been established to manage Murdaugh’s assets.

The claims are on behalf of the following individuals:

• Hannah Plyler
• Alania Spohn
• Brian Harriott
• Michael “Tony” Satterfield

The claims allege that Murdaugh aided and abetted convicted criminal Russell Laffitte to defraud Hannah and Alania out of their money. The claims also allege that Murdaugh stole settlement money from Brian and Tony after their mother died in a fall at Murdaugh’s property. “Our clients were victims of Alex Murdaugh’s greed and deceit,’ said Eric Bland, co-founder of Bland Richter Law Firm. “We are committed to letting the public know that Murdaugh’s crimes will not be tolerated,” said co-founder Ronnie Richter. “Bland Richter will continue to fight until justice is served.”

The claims filed by Bland Richter are the latest in a series of legal troubles for Murdaugh, who is currently awaiting trial on multiple charges, including financial crimes and insurance fraud.