Bland Richter Files Notice of Intent to Sue in Defense of Former Usc Football Coach James Carlen



April 17, 2014

Bland Richter Files Notice of Intent to Sue in Defense of Former USC Football Coach James Carlen 

Bland Richter, along with former USC football player Jones Andrews, named as a special administrator in the case, bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against those who administered medical treatment to Coach Carlen in his last month

Charleston, SC –In litigating issues surrounding the estate of the late James Carlen, former USC football coach, it appeared that those that gave medical care and hospice care to Coach Carlen in the last month of his life (July 2012) may have acted in a manner that was not within the required standard of care which ultimately and prematurely cost Coach Carlen his life.

Following a long and successful career as head football coach for West Virginia University, Texas Tech University and finally the University of South Carolina, Coach Carlen retired from coaching in 1982. During the later portion of his coaching career at the University of South Carolina, he also served as Athletic Director. He enjoyed a winning record at every university where he coached and was inducted into the Texas Tech Athletics Hall of Honor and the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame. Following his coaching career, Carlen remained active in business and personal pursuits. He was a successful real estate developer and investor.

On July 12, 2012, Coach Carlen was admitted to Rice Home for what was intended to be a brief respite stay. Just ten days later, on July 22, 2012, Coach Carlen died in Rice Home at the age of 79.

According to the allegations submitted by Bland Richter in an Intent to Sue which was brought on behalf of the Carlen heirs, Coach Carlen was not suffering from a terminal illness that would end his life at that time nor was he in danger of imminent death.

During his stay at Rice Home, the medications which Coach Carlen had been taking for medical conditions were terminated and new orders were given to provide Coach Carlen with a combination of Klonopin and Morphine. Within days after terminating Coach Carlen’s medications in exchange for a regiment of Klonopin and Morphine, Coach Carlen was dead.

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