Army Officer Gave a False Confession to Protect His Family


Michael and Heather Livingston are the parents of three beautiful children; a daughter, Hannah, and two twin boys, Jacson and Joseph. This family of five had their world turned upside down when their son, Jacson, and later their son Joseph, were wrongfully assumed to be suffering from child abuse. It all started when concerned mother, Heather, took the then 5-week old Jacson to the Doctor after noticing a bump on the back of his head. A CT scan result showed the infant had a mild scull fracture. How did this lead to discovering fractures on his brother Joseph’s ribs, Social Services taking all three of the children away from their parents, and Michael Livingston giving a false confession in hopes of keeping his family together?Read the full story here
to learn how our team at Bland Richter is helping the Livingston’s put this terribly misconstrued past behind them as they try and move forward with their lives as a happy, healthy family unit.