Personal Injuryski Collision $250,000 Judgment

Catastrophic Injury, Verdicts and Settlements

Bland Richter obtained a $250,000.00 judgment in the United States District Court for the Western Division of North Carolina-Charlotte Division on behalf of its client who suffered significant and debilitating injuries, including but not limited to, a complex fracture to his left femur, tore his left knee posterior collateral ligament, tore his left knee anterior cruciate ligament, suffered an avulsion fracture of his left knee femoral condyle with a probable medial collateral ligament injury and sprained right knee; fractured right scapula , fractured his 2nd and 3rd right ribs after, without warning, he was violently struck from the rear by another skier who while skiing on a blue/black diamond trail at Vail Colorado Ski Resort. The skier who struck our client and suffered a broken collarbone denied that he was at fault. Both skiers were advanced/expert skiers. Our client is a well regarded trial attorney from Columbia, South Carolina and the Defendant in the action is an anesthesiologist from Charlotte, North Carolina. The case was captioned as Robert B. Ransom v. Paul K. Jaszewski, M.D. C/A: 3:14-cv-00662-GCM. ( Spring 2016 )