Murdaugh Victims Release Statement After Guilty Plea on Financial Charges 

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“On behalf of the financial victims of Alex Murdaugh, whom we represent, we are sincerely appreciative of the dogged determination of Alan Wilson and Creighton Waters in their pursuit of justice. Alex Murdaugh’s guilty plea will finally allow his financial victims to begin the process of healing, and it will free the state up to refocus its time, attention, and resources toward the preservation of the murder convictions, the Labor Day shooting charges, and any other drug conspiracy charges that may come down the pike.

Justice is rarely pretty or perfect, but there should be no confusion that justice was served in this case. Sentencing for this plea of guilt will be in the near future. Alex’s victims will get a chance to look Alex Murdaugh and his lawyers in the eye and tell them how they feel about him, how he manipulated them, and the damage that they have done in their lives.

We have no doubt that at Alex Murdaugh will never get a fresh breath of air outside of prison. Irrespective of the murder convictions, this monster deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars.”

-Eric “EB” Bland and Ronnie Richter
Bland Richter LLP