Legal Malpractice High Six Figure Settlement20

Legal Malpractice, Verdicts and Settlements

Bland Richter represented a court appointed Receiver for the plaintiff Capital Investment Fund, Inc. (“CIF”) in a legal malpractice case against several lawyers and their law firm in Greenville, South Carolina in Capital Investment Funding, LLC v. Pfieffer, Gleaton, Wyatt & Hewitt, P.A. (CA. No.: 2011-CP-23-7359) who were accused of participating in and assisting Arthur Fields, a former Clemson University Professor, in defrauding many upstate citizens who invested and/or loaned money to various entities for promised returns on investments. Fields has plead guilty and is awaiting to be sentenced. Attorney Scott Pfeifer was criminally charged by the Attorney General of the state of South Carolina for his role in this matter and has signed a plea agreement for some of the criminal charges as well. Bland Richter achieved an $845,000.00 settlement for CIF after more than a year of contested litigation and provided some reimbursement to the victims for the alleged millions (in excess of $38,000,000.00) that investors lost in this most unfortunate matter. Pfeifer only had $1,000,000.00 of professional malpractice insurance coverage available to recover for the relevant time period. ( Summer 2013 )