"We are both well pleased at all of your services and especially the excellent presentation at the mediation!!! Well prepared and well presented!!! That was truly a work of art!!!
We fully believe it was your presentation that carried the day!!! We are most grateful for your excellent work and for all the time and attention you poured into our case. Our money was well spent indeed!!! Thank you!!!"

– Al Saad and Jerry Saad Real Estate Developers Columbia, South Carolina

“Gentlemen I'm glad we have you on our team. Great work and perfect results this week. It was enthralling watching you guys in action.”

– David R. Brett President and CEO Allstar Financial Group, LLC

Simply stated– there is no finer legal representation than the Bland Richter law firm. Eric Bland represented me in a highly complex commercial litigation case several years ago. From the start of the process and throughout the trial, it was clear that I had a vastly superior legal team. The Bland Richter law firm works tirelessly on behalf of their clients and are respected by every judicial representative in the state. Furthermore, Mr. Bland and Mr. Richter take a personal approach to each client – they are always available and their honesty can never be debated. They truly fight each day for what is honest and just. Because of the their exemplary skills and unmitigated understanding of the law and court system, I now have a thriving business and peace of mind. Mr. Bland still serves as my personal and corporate attorney and his knowledge and friendship are a constant reminder of how fortunate I was to seek representation by this practice. I recommend them enthusiastically and without any reservation to any potential client who needs assistance – you will not be disappointed.

– Chad Gunnlaugsson, M.D. Southeastern ENT, Allergy, & Sleep Disorders Institute

You guys “get it” and once I heard you in action, I can tell that you are excellent lawyers…unstoppable!

– Carol Cookerly, President, Cookerly Public Relations, Atlanta Georgia

There is no way we could ever thank you for all you have done for all of us. It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

All of you make a remarkable team. We were told going in you were the best and you proved that over and over. Your guidance kept us composed and confident. Throughout the course of this litigation we witnessed judges and mediators congratulating you on your work and a job well done. You all work so well together and it is impressive. The business side was remarkable but the compassion side to stick with us put you at a whole different level of professionalism!!

Again, Thank you team you were all awesome.

– Pam and Milo Hanckel ( October 2016 )

Thank you both for listening and fighting for us and what we believe to be justice of some form. Could write all of you every day and say thanks and it wouldn't be enough.

– James Carlen IV

You came highly recommended and I found you to be honest and straightforward. I felt very comfortable with you, almost like a brother, in asking and sharing with you anything I felt. I have absolute complete trust in your judgment!

– Rajinder Parmar, MD

“You two take on the hardest cases and do remarkable things with them. You guys are unstoppable.”

– A highly regarded and respected Low Country mediator

“We appreciate everything you did for us. You are truly a master and I admire your work ethic. We feel like we won with you at our side! You represented us today at mediation and got us a great result. You were wizard in the mediation room and we could not have been more proud to have you as our lawyer.”

– Robert A. and Lori E. Lapin

“Thank you Eric, Ronnie and Scott for fighting with us and being patient when we didn't understand the way the legal system works, but needed you to listen as we put lots of our own words, our heart, thoughts, questions and our theories to all of you. You will probably never know how your kindness and fight, along with your brutal honesty and standing in the gap has been a blessing to us. You were the people God used to help us find answers and right the wrongs that were countless, dishonored our Dad's legacy. Forever we will be changed but not scarred. God also used each one of you, to heal wounds in each one of us. You played a huge role in keeping our family whole!! Forever we will be grateful!! I am thankful for the deep friendships that have been forged along this journey! “

– Melanie Carlen Caswell

You fellows are just the kind of litigation counsel that clients are looking to hire. You guys are warriors...and I don't use that term lightly. You are aggressive, hard working, and well prepared; and I have seen your relentless efforts pay off.

– Nationally recognized and Leading Expert Witness who has testified for and against several of Bland Richter’s clients.

I’ve never been a lawyer who played well and worked well with others and as a result always preferred to work alone. However, it was a great pleasure to work with you on these cases and watch you strategize. What an unbelievable work ethic. Thank you for helping me in these very difficult cases. I would not have been able to obtain such favorable results on my own. … Thank you for your excellent work! This is an incredible testament to your well-deserved reputation.

– Theodore Von Keller, attorney (Columbia, South Carolina) and Co-Counsel with Bland Richter on several cases.

I am being represented by superior attorneys. It is the difference between night and day, the professionalism practiced by your office when compared to the way my former attorneys and their office represented me. … There will always be a place in my and my wife’s hearts for you. From the beginning, I knew I had a man of infallible scruples whose word was his scripture. The folks who hire your firm to be their lawyers have certainly picked the best.

– Tom Anderson, former client that Bland Richter represented in Legal Malpractice case.

"Thanks to both of you guys. There are few things that I enjoy more as a lawyer than working with you guys; I always come away from it feeling like I have learned a lot, and there are few lawyers that I respect as much as I respect you two."

- A well respected upstate mediator and commercial litigator.

“It was an honor to have your firm represent me. Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter along with Scott Mongillo represented my interests with integrity and extreme care. I am sincerely grateful - and subsequently committed to sharing the excellence of your services with others.”

- Pastor Eric J. Freeman The Meeting Place Church

I enjoy working with y'all because it requires my best. I respect you as adversaries and think you always do a great job for your client. If I am ever in trouble, I am calling you!

– Highly Regarded Columbia, South Carolina attorney and recognized Super Lawyer who litigates against Bland Richter

“We have been absolutely blessed to know all of you and have you represent us in our son’s tragic death. You guys are amazing.”

– Angie and Paul Hammond

“Thank you all for all that you have done for us! Y’all have been such an incredible team! I know I speak for all three of us (and Dad—Former USC Football Coach James Carlen, III) when I say how incredibly thankful we are for the “pit bull” in each of you! “

- Mollianne Elliott

"Eric, thank you for being the kind of advocate needed with this issue. Aggressive statements of our position were required and you provided that well!"

– Lewis Caswell

"This is an excellent result. You guys were the right guys for this job and the only ones that could have concluded this matter so favorably and so quickly. Thank you for jumping in and taking on this difficult task."

– Carl Pierce, attorney in Charleston, SC

You guys are better than the best TV trial lawyers!! Absolute masters at your craft! By the time I reached out to you, I was paralyzed and scared; but Bland Richter treated me like a member of the family (rather than just a client), displaying sincerest interest in my personal and financial wellbeing, sacrificing personally and professionally to get my case ready for trial. Throughout Bland Richter’s preparation of my case, I was continually amazed at the volume of work you accomplished in such a short amount of time! You are truly exceptional at what you do, absolutely phenomenal legal talents at the very top of your profession! Seeing you fight for me and my case was truly awesome. Your performance at trial was stunning, the deciding factor in my case. What a blessing! You are difference makers who walk the walk. You stood up for me and for what is right. You nailed it and we won big! You saved my career and solidified my family’s well-being. I am ecstatic about this result. You gave me my life back! I am free!!

– Chad Gunnlaugsson, MD

South Carolina is wide open for a firm made up of good attorneys to go in the business. South Carolinians are good people, mostly honest and they deserve the type of representation I got from you people. I never asked you a question that was not answered, never called and missed you that you didn’t get back to me, and you kept me up to date by email on every issue which I needed to know about.

– Former client that Bland Richter represented in a Legal Malpractice case.

“Your team's professionalism, hard work, and attention to detail … have allowed us to put this painful chapter behind us. We are grateful.”

– Wink and Cindy Rea

Phenomenal!! Absolutely phenomenal gentlemen! Thank you for standing up for my rights and for saving my job and home. Our company, our retirement, our home and our future were in jeopardy. You guys reached over and pulled us up when we were hanging from the cliff. I do not have the words to express my appreciation. Fantastic job at the trial!!!! Thank you for walking to the edge of the cliff. I could never, I repeat never have done this without you. We finally got heard!!!

– Pat and Jimmy Stevens, Medi-Fare Drug & Home Health Center, Inc.

“Thank you so much for helping us navigate a very difficult situation. We could not have had a better team to get the job done. Our gratitude knows no bounds. Thanks for all your help. ”

– Rodney and Abbey Travis

“I am so appreciative for all the hard work, time, and effort each of you put into this case. Y'all are the best!”

– Dinah Cook — Columbia, SC

“Besides going out on my own and leaving my old firm, hiring you was the best decision I ever made”

– Prominent Midlands South Carolina Domestic Relations Attorney

It was fascinating watching you guys in action! Congratulations and many thanks for all your impressive hard work, analytical approach and attention to detail, and for engineering a substantial settlement which worked out well for us!

– Legal Malpractice Client for a large business dispute

Great job winning the jury trial and recovering a significant amount of money for my company!! Right did prevail. You and your team are just the very best!! Thanks again!!

– Shaun Oneal, Owner of AMO Plumbing, LLC
Amo Plumbing, LLC vs. Eccotemp Systems, LLC, C/A 2010-CP-18-1920, March 2013 Jury Trial, Dorchester County Court of Common Pleas, $757,000.00 verdict plus attorney's fees and costs.

“On behalf of Workshop's Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for everything you did for Workshop. Workshop Theatre couldn't have asked for a better team to be in our corner. You were a professional from beginning to end. On a personal note, I would like to thank you for being the voice of reason when I was very unsure of how this was going to go, for helping us through the frustrations of this case, and for donating your incredibly valuable time to our little theatre. I am eternally grateful for you."

– Jeni McCaughan, Executive Director of Workshop Theatre in Columbia

Eric Bland is one of the most tenacious attorneys I have ever worked with. His knowledge of Real Estate and Corporate Law is extensive. He is the most professional, knowledgeable, and one of the most responsive attorneys I have ever had the privilege of working with.

– Mike McLendon, President of HHHunt Homes Charleston, LLC

It is clear that you both are talented, serious lawyers and I respect and admire that.

– Nationally recognized trial lawyer who sat as an arbitrator on a legal malpractice case brought by Bland Richter on behalf of their client.

I have never been more impressed with any lawyers than I was with Ronnie Richter and his partner Eric Bland. They were excellent and are true men of integrity. I think the world of both of them… I highly recommend Bland Richter to you if you ever need a top notch law firm.

– Dr. E. Lee Spence, Underwater Archaeologist, Shipwrecks, Sunken Treasure

You two are a real credit to the legal profession – intelligent, well prepared and zealous advocates. I am genuinely proud of you and appreciate the privilege I had with both of you as my lawyers. Thanks to the Philadelphia fighter and the Southern Gentleman.

– Denis Ventriglia, former client that Bland Richter represented in a Legal Malpractice case.

You redeem our profession’s honor by loyally standing up for people who have been abandoned, double-crossed, or let down by their lawyers and who have become distrustful of us. You’ve rendered a huge service…to our profession. This was a case that I felt especially strongly about helping the helpless client who was so disgustingly victimized. I’m glad you guys were able to do such a terrific job for the client.

– A Leading and Recognized Expert Witness.

Congratulations on a job well done. You did more for your clients in a month and a half than their previous attorneys did in a year and a half. You guys are certainly on my list of attorneys to refer “conflict” work to now that I have seen, on multiple occasions, how well you represent your clients.

– Low Country SC Lawyer who represented an adverse party in a dispute among business partners.

Your detailed and aggressive presentation yesterday forced the settlement. I seriously doubt it would have happened otherwise. I never wanted to settle this case. You absolutely maximized the value of a very challenging case and should be proud.

– Low Country SC Lawyer who represented an adverse party in a case brought by Bland Richter.

I have tremendous respect for what Ronnie and you do. It is obviously not easy being a lawyer and suing other lawyers for legal malpractice. You guys stood by me and did a tremendous job. … I have great appreciation for what you both do…it is a courageous path you have both chosen to fight for folks like me against other attorney’s wrong-doing. It is is a noble and risky business. I want you to know that I do understand and realize what you do is not popular and takes a heavy toll. It makes it that much more remarkable that you took my case and fought for me every step of the way. The people we sued will always remember this lawsuit and it is my hope that they will act more responsibly for their clients.

I could not have achieved these goals without your help. You both communicated with me thoroughly and managed my expectations during the entire process. You have allowed me to be able to stand tall and maintain my honor. You guys will be my attorneys forever."

– Sandra Ellen Hardee, M.D. former client that Bland Richter represented in a legal malpractice case.

You and Ronnie did an outstanding and unbelievable job on this case. You took their best shot. I really don’t know any other attorneys who could have prosecuted this case to a successful end. Contrats. You’ve righted a wrong.

– A Leading and Recognized Expert Witness.

You are a battle hardened warrior and engage in battle with ferocity.

– Franklin S. Henson, attorney and former client.

I should be thanking you two for the way you represented such a good friend of mine. You two are such great lawyers.

– A Leading and Recognized Trust and Estates Expert Witness.

You guys are just excellent. I really appreciate the way you stepped up and demanded and got respect. Great lawyers. Superb work and another stellar result!

– Nationally recognized and Leading Expert Witness who has testified for and against several of Bland Richter’s clients.

Every day you give more to me than I can ever repay. Thank you for being my lawyers. You two are what the law aspires for each lawyer to be.

– Daniel K. Hughes, President, Infinity Seal, LLC, client.

When I met with you folks, I immediately had the feeling of trust. This is unusual for me… One of the greatest complaints I have against attorneys is their lack of response to a telephone inquiry. This was never the case with you folks. My questions were answered promptly and concisely with no hidden meanings. Another problem with most firms is taking their good old time seeing that the client received documents involving the case. I never had that problem with your firm. You have worked your time management to a science based on my association with you.

– Former Insurance Adjuster Client that Bland Richter represented in a Legal Malpractice case.

Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough for everything that you did for me and my whole family. But, THANK YOU. With all of your concern and your professional process of handling everything that was involved in my case, I am in a good place in my life today.

– Annette Saleeby-Hope, former client.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with my corporate legal troubles and to tell you once again that without your help I would not be in the position I am today. Thankfully, with your help, I have made a full comeback. Your expedience, attention to detail, and skill as a lawyer have far surpassed my expectations. You made a potentially and most unbearable situation less of a hardship. Thank you for helping me to regain control of my company.

– Patricia Baloga Stephens, President Medi-Fare Drug & Home Health Center, Inc., Client.

I honestly think you did a fantastic job as presenters at the Legal Ethics of Attracting and Selecting Clients CLE; you made it very interesting!

– Samuel D. Harms, Greenville attorney who attended the referenced CLE in December 2011. Eric and Ronnie were presenters.

After dealing with the lawyers I tried to work with before on my case, you two are a refreshing change.

– Former client in a legal malpractice case.

You guys are awesome to work with and seriously good at what you do. Thank you for the hard work and for keeping me informed and comfortable throughout the process. We are pleased with the outcome.

– Luis Rodriguez, president of Santee-Lynches, CDC, that Bland Richter represented in a Legal Malpractice case.

Well done! Thanks for the great work. Wish we would have had you both from the beginning. It is my pleasure to work with two guys that have such a keen interest in helping their clients and to do it in such a professional way.

– Pat Welch, CPA, client – Bland Richter took over client’s case two months before trial from previous lawyers who were terminated.

When I was in the 4th grade, I decided to become a lawyer because I realized that lawyers help people who need someone to stand up for them, someone they can count on. It was the hero worship of a boy who had outgrown cowboys. The reality, of course, is often far different than what I imagined, and sometimes cynicism threatens to destroy my faith in our profession. And then I remember what I see all around me, lawyers who care, who fight hard, who won't quit on a client or take the easy way out. And I'm proud to be a lawyer and to count wonderful lawyers as my friends! You two represent the best qualities of the lawyers I dreamed about and always wanted to be. You guys are the best of the best. Thank you.

– A Leading and Recognized Expert Witness.

You are like no other attorney. We are truly grateful to you for everything you do for us and K.C. Transport. You are one in a million!

– Eric & Charlotte Knowles, Owners of KC Transport Inc., clients.

Guys…I cannot imagine a more diplomatic or professional way of articulating the particulars of this matter other than to say: the way in which you guys conduct yourselves in navigating these matters makes me very proud to have the two of you as my counsel.

– W. Phil Murdock, Jr. – Attorney and former client.

Just want to say thank you for all of your help in resolving all of our cases and legal matters. It’s nice working with someone who gets the job done.

– Practice Manager of a Bland Richter Medical Practice Group client.

You and Ronnie did a great job at the last mediation and got more money than I ever dreamed that the case was worth.

– Well Regarded Midlands, SC Lawyer who represented an adverse party in a legal malpractice case brought by Bland Richter.

I just returned from a vacation and saw The State newspaper which set out your landmark victory in what I now call the “nut cracking case”. Good job. Your reputation for honesty and big verdicts continues to grow.

– Well Regarded Midlands, South Carolina Lawyer.

Thank you for your efforts. I’ve been impressed with the way that Ronnie and you gave me both your legal and personal assessments regarding my case.

– Marc Goldenberg, DDS, former client.

You and Ronnie make a great team and complement each other well.

– Sims Rentz, MD, former client.