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Couple, charged $5M in failed case, sue NY lawyer

Bland Richter represent the Nitsches in a legal malpractice suit filed Aug. 8 in Greenville County against Fensterstock, Kublanovsky, and their local counsel in the underlying case, Stephanie Burton of Gibbes Burton in Spartanburg for $5M in lawyers fees resulting from a failed case. The full artic…

In fight over legal fees, attorneys say enhanced Walter Scott video favors officer

POST AND COURIER: If a police group hadn’t “rushed to judgment” and abandoned its legal defense of Michael Slager, it would have found evidence showing he shot Walter Scott according to how he was trained, his attorneys in a civil case said this week. Slager’s federal lawsuit, if successful,…

Former deputy improperly sought arrest of Spring Valley parent, lawsuit alleges

BY JOHN MONK jmonk@thestate.com COLUMBIA, SC  Seven months before former Richland County sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields made national news by pulling a student from her chair and tossing her in a Spring Valley High School classroom, Fields caused the unlawful arrest of an innocent woman who was …


"You fellows are just the kind of litigation counsel that clients are looking to hire. You guys are warriors...and I don't use that term lightly. You are aggressive, hard working, and well prepared; and I have seen your relentless efforts pay off. "

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"I enjoy working with y'all because it requires my best. I respect you as adversaries and think you always do a great job for your client. If I am ever in trouble, I am calling you!"

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"I’ve never been a lawyer who played well and worked well with others and as a result always preferred to work alone. However, it was a great pleasure to work with you on these cases and watch you strategize. What an unbelievable work ethic. Thank you for helping me in these very difficult cases. I would not have been able to obtain such favorable results on my own. … Thank you for your excellent work! This is an incredible testament to your well-deserved reputation."

Theodore Von Keller, attorney (Columbia, South Carolina) and Co-Counsel with Bland Richter on several cases.